The Mega Million Points Race

This April, we're bringing the Mega Million point's race back! Don't miss your chance at over 12,000 individual CA$H prizes totaling over $1,000,000. The more points you can earn at any real money ring game table or tournament, the more FREE cash you're going to get paid:

  • Top Prize of $25,000 Cold Hard Cash
  • Over $1,000,000 in Cash Prizes to be Won!
  • Over 12,000 Cash Prizes to be awarded!
  • No Play Through Requirements on Cash Prizes!
  • Prizes paid in real-time

How it Works:
From Tuesday, April 1st until Saturday, April 30th we'll track the number of VIP Points that you earn at any of our real money ring game or tournament tables. You'll be able to view your point totals through your Poker Admin in the poker client.

Using the prize table below, as you earn VIP points you'll make your way through the 15 levels. Each time you reach a level you'll immediately receive the corresponding cash prize. Your point total will then reset to 0 and you're on to the next level.

For example, once you've earned 250 VIP points you've met the level 1 requirement and you'll receive $2.50. Your VIP point total will then reset to 0 and you're now working your way towards level 2 (500 points) to collect your $5. Your VIP point total will reset to 0 and so on.

LevelVIP PointsCash PrizeNo. of Prizes


Keep in mind that there are a limited number of prizes at each level, so the first players to reach a particular level will be awarded that prize.

Where can I see my VIP point totals?
To view your current VIP point totals click on the 'Player Admin' button on the lobby screen and select 'Mega Million Points Race' to view your stats.

Tips For Smaller Stake Ring Players:
If you're looking for an easy way to earn VIP points but finding the cash games a little slow then why not try a $0.50 Sit'n'Go. Its a great way to earn VIP points without having to risk your entire bankroll at the tables. You simply need to play about 2 x $0.50 Sit'n'Goes a day, and before you know you'll have easily worked your way into the cash!

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