Sit 'Win' Go

Titan Poker's Sit 'Win' Go

Talent wins games, Determination wins races!

The higher your final position at a Sit 'N' Go the more leaderboard Points you'll earn.

Sit 'Win' Go continues through March with $16,000 in cash prizes up for grabs.

It's time for Titan Poker's Sit 'N' Go players to demonstrate their skills in an exciting Sit 'N' Go race.

Play as many Sit 'N' Go tournaments as you can to accumulate leaderboard Points and win a share of$16,000in total prize money!

All players will need to OPT-IN for the month of March.

Leaderboards will be split up into 4 competitive groups and will have a combined $4,000 prize pool each week:

Low Leaderboard - $1 - $5 Buy-ins ($500 Prize Pool)

Medium Leaderboard - $10 - $20 Buy-ins ($1,000 Prize Pool)

High Leaderboard - $30 and up ($1,500 Prize Pool)

Double Up Leaderboard - $2 and up Buy-ins ($1,000 Prize Pool)


Leaderboard Results

Sit 'Win' Go March Race 1March 5th - 10th
Sit 'Win' Go March Race2March 12th - 17th
Sit 'Win' Go March Race 3March 19th - 24th
Sit 'Win' Go March Race 4March 26th - 31st

Leaderboard Groups

Double Up Payout Structure

Download Titan Poker


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