Santa's Surprise

Santa's Surprise

Christmas is right around the corner and SunPoker is ready to reach into Santa's Bag and hand out the presents!

Each player who opts in below and plays 250 raked real money hands in a day will be eligible for a Sunpoker Present!

Now one present is fun but let's be honest, more presents are better! We understand that here at Sunpoker so we are giving you an opportunity to earn even more presents!

For each day that you play 250 raked hands between December 1st and December 25th you will earn 1 Present Token. For every 5 Tokens you receive you can trade them in for another present. So for example if during the first 25 days of December you play 250 or more raked hands on 10 different days you would receive TWO extra presents on top of the first present you received for the first day. That is 3 presents!

So what are the presents?

Many of presents will remain secret because no one likes a gift ruined, but they will include cold hard cash up to $500, tournament tokens, bonus deals, VIP Upgrades, and many more!

Just a few of the gifts we'll be giving!
$5 Cash$5 Bonus
$10 Cash$25 bonus
$25 Cash$100 Bonus
$100 Cash$250 Bonus
$500 Cash$500 Bonus
$1000 Cash$1000 Bonus
$2500 Cash$2000 Bonus
$10 Tournament TokenVIP Upgrade 1 Level for 1 Month
$25 Tournament TokenVIP Upgrade 2 Levels for 1 Month
$109 Tournament TokenVIP Upgrade 1 Level for 3 Month's
VIP Upgrade 2 Level for 3 Month's

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