Last Man Standing


Last Man Standing is back! Spanning over 53 days at CarbonPoker, we're going to test your poker endurance and offer up over $27,000 in cash prizes and a $5,000 freeroll.

Starting Sunday, September 8, 2013, we're going to track the VIP Points you earn daily as you grind your way through this promotion. Simply opt-in to the Last Man Standing promotion in your Player Admin to take part in this big promotion.

Play through the month and keep up with the daily VIP Points you need to earn. Note that you have to accumulate the amount of VIP points necessary to qualify DAILY. If you accumulate more than what is needed to qualify, the extra points DO NOT CARRY OVER. We want to reward our most consistent players - so get out there and start grinding.

How it works:

View the chart below to track how many VIP Points you need to earn as we progress through September and October. As you can see, the VIP Points start small and then begin to slightly increase as you progress through the weeks. Keep grinding to stay in the promotion.

You're allowed to take three days off (free day) during the promotion. If you miss four days, you will be eliminated. There will be no more free days allowed after your three free days and the window to use up free days ends on the 22nd of October (day 45 of the promotion). So after Tuesday, October 22nd you are no longer allowed to use a free day.

We will be rewarding players who do not use their free days. If you have not used any or all of your free days throughout the promotions entirety we are going to reward you handsomely for the free days you have remaining as of October 23rd. See below for the free day rewards:

  • - $25 for 1 free day remaining
  • - $50 for 2 free days remaining
  • - $100 for 3 free days remaining





Prizes & Leaderboard:

The top (last) 100 players in the promotion will split $27,700.00 in cash ($5000 fo the winner!). We are also rewarding players who qualify by the 6th day of the promotion (September 8th to September 13th) to a freeroll awarding 25 seats to our $250K Poker Maximus Main Event (worth $5,375). Check the prize chart below to see what each place pays out.

The Freeroll:

In addition to the cash prizes for our last 100 players, we are giving over $5,000 by way of 25 seats (worth $215 a seat) to our $250,000 Poker Maximus Main Event taking place on Sunday, September 22nd.

Tournament Name: Last Man Standing Freeroll

Date and Time: Sunday, September 15th, 15:00 server time

Tournament tab location: Tournaments > Special


How do I enter?

Go to your Player Admin and click the 'Activate Promo' button. From that point on, your VIP Points will be tracked and counted towards your Last Man Standing qualification periods. You will also be able to see your account username on the Last Man Standing Leaderboard above once avaialbe. Opt-in now.



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