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So, you bet on the net but do you thrive when it's live? Get a premium poker experience on the GSOP Live tour: Around the clock activities, Luxury accomodation, and Lots of side events! So jump on the poker bandwagon. Destination: hope and glory.


Qualify to GSOP Live
From your home laptop to a neon lit casino in just a couple of strong hands. You can join in on any level: start qualifying from as little as $2+0,2, or buy-in to the online finals for $300+20.


Online Finals
Qualified but not satisfied? This is where the fakers get separated from the makers. You can buy in directly or earn your way in through the qualifiers, but to get in pole position in your live action race for the prize, you need to step your game up. A minimum of 100 prize packages, valued at $3,600, will be awarded for Manchester, Greece, Prague and TBA, and at $6,000 for the Grand Final.


Super Steps
In addition to the Online finals we are guaranteeing three prize packages every week through Super Step qualifiers in Coinflip format in three steps: Step 1 has a buy-in of $1+0.05 and qualify to Step 2. Step 2 has a buy-in $14+0.7 and qualify to Step 3. Step 3 has a buy-in of $200+10 and qualify directly to a $3,600/$6,000 GSOP Live package. The Coinflip Super Step tournament Step 1 and Step 2 will run several times every day while Super Step Final Step 3 will run every Sunday at 19:50 CET.


Live Events
Truly an amazing adventure for any avid poker player. Play with hundreds of players from around the world and enjoy the experience of live poker. Buy-in directly via the poker client or earn your spot in the online finals. You are sure to be looked after with transport, accommodation, exclusive parties and side events on all the tour stops. Win the GSOP Live in Manchester, Greece, Prague and Salzburg and you'll gain free passage to the Grand Final held in the Dominican Republic!


Next event is: Halkidiki, Greece 11th 16th of October 2011


*Packages are not refundable for cash.

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