April $100,000 Points Race


  • Race 1: April 1st at 0:00 GMT thru April 8th 23:59 GMT
  • Race 2: April 8th at 0:00 GMT thru April 15th 23:59 GMT
  • Race 3: April 15th at 0:00 GMT thru April 22nd 23:59 GMT
  • Race 4: April 22nd at 0:00 GMT thru April 30th 23:59 GMT
  • Monthly Race: April 1st at 0:00 GMT thru April 30th 23:59 GMT

    We're pleased as pie to roll out another month of our $100,000 Points Race. That's another 1,750 prize payouts of up to $1,500 buckaroos are up for grabs, plus we're dishing our first $10,000 Main Event seat of the season as a special April Bonus!

    Getting in on the action is easy. Every Frequent Player Point (FPP) earned at the ring game and tournament tables is equal to one race point.

    Race Weekly & Monthly $20,000 Leaderboards

    Each week in April will see a separate point race that pays the top 350 a cut of $20,000. The top 350 players across all four weeks of combined play will earn a piece of an additional $20K.

    April $10,000 Main Event Seat Bonus

    By cashing in at least TWO of our April Races, you'll earn an entry to our exclusive $10K Main Event Kamikaze* tournament for a chance to instantly win a $10K Main Event seat for Vegas!


    Super Sundays

    Spring up your play on days that fall on the end of one race and the beginning of another as points those days count for both races that's on Sunday, April 8th, 15th and 22nd!


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