$ 80,000 Knock 'em Down

The RedKings $80,000 Knock 'em Down Race Top 60 Challenge

Race for only 5 days at a time!
A New Race starts every day!

Stay in the Top 60 for only 5 consecutive days and you win.

Sounds Easy? WRONG!
You will be chased, hunted and maybe caught try not to get knocked down.
And the previous day points won't count because each day the game begins again from 0 points.
But you will also be a hunter and attack higher positions! Knock'em down you will be rewarded.
Unless you are right at the top!

- Join any day you want during April
- After completing 5 days start and win again
-Win extra during double and triple days!


Day 1: Get on to the chart The most important thing is to get on to the chart, the higher you get on the chart, the better you will be rewarded if you complete the challenge. The prize is based on your initial position when you enter the chart.

Days 2 6: Maintain your position or improve it The most important thing during these days is not to drop below your initial position. If you do, even for one day, you lose but if you do maintain your position or you are able to improve it you WIN.

Knockem down

In the Top 40 Chart if you complete the challenge you win the prize according to the initial Entry position. To give you an incentive to climb higher we have developed a knockem down bonus.

For each position that you climbed from Day 1 until the end of Day 6, you will get an extra bonus on top of Top60 Chart prize.

Note! Tournament points count as half in the leaderboard.


*Registration to promo required to participate


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