$50,000 Race for Riches


Buckle up, because this month we're offering up four different races to give away over $50,000.

That's right we're going to automatically track the Race points you earn, and multiply them by special tournament bonuses. All you need to do to win cash is place in the Top 250 of our leaderboard.

There are four races offered this month each awarding over $12,500 with a massive total of over $50,000 in prizes. Start earning to claim your share of the winnings!

Payout Breakdown

How do I get multiplier tournament points?

If you play in any of the below specified tourneys during each Race Week, you will earn bonus points on the leaderboard.

For each tourney you play, you will get a 0.1 multiplier bonus. This will be used to multiply your Race Points. For example, if you earned 1,000 Race Points and play two of the below tournaments, you will get a 1.2 multiplier bonus giving you 1,200 Race Points. If you play in all 10 of the below tournaments and earn 1,000 Race Points you will get 2.0 multiplier bonus points giving you 2,000 Race Points.

Play in any of the following tournaments on a Race Week to be awarded multiplier bonus points.

Note - In the case that a tournament is a daily tournament, only one instance of that tournament will count as a multiplier. If you play the 19:00 Daily High Roller $25K Guaranteed every day of the race period your multiplier bonus would still only be 0.1

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