100K Goldfest


Harvest your Gold Cards in to cash. We're rolling out $100,000 in exclusive Gold Card buy-in tournaments that offer you the chance to reap over $10,000 in cash winnings. So, hoard them, earn them at the real money ring games or buy them in the Gold Exchange as you're going to want to have a farm full of these Golden rewards!

Event 1 $20,000 Gold FestSunday, October 7th7 pm GMT
Event 2 $20,000 Gold FestSunday, October 14th7 pm GMT
Event 3 $20,000 Gold FestSunday, October 21st7 pm GMT
Event 4 $20,000 Gold FestSunday, October 28th7 pm GMT
Event 5 $20,000 Gold FestSunday, November 4th7 pm GMT



Satellites begin September 28th. Each day we're offering you a shot at over 100 seats via 16 satellites that feed the corresponding weekly $20,000 Event.

16 Daily Satellites (GMT)

7 Tournament Tickets Awarded per Satellite


At each of the times, TWO satellites will launch. One will feature the buy-in for Gold Cards Series 2012 while the other will offer a buy-in from Series 6 through 11.Example: A Gold Card 10 of Clubs Series 12 will launch alongside a Gold Card 10 of Clubs Series 7. As both will offer 7 tickets in the prize pool, our 'older' Series Gold Card holders may see some great value!

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