$10,000 Leaderboard & Gold Champ 2012

Every Russian Roulette ring game and tournament played June 3rd through July 1st will rack up points on the $10,000 Leaderboard. Give it your best shot as the top 150 players each week will take a cut of $2,500 cash.

$10,000 Leaderboard

Every dollar played at the Russian Roulette tables is worth one point on the leaderboard. Keep your head in the game to make the top 150 and you'll earn up to $200 every week in June for your bullet dodging skills (or luck).The main rule is to simply keep your head in the game but you'll find full game details and probability tipshere.
Find the leaderboard as of Sunday, June 3rd by visiting Russian Roulette while logged into Cake Poker.



If this seems not enough, read on.


Be our Gold Champ 2012

Fancy yourself a footie fan? Get in the Gold Champs 2012 games playing on Cake June 8th through July 1st. Gold Cards of all suits and sizes will allow you to battle it out and advance through $5,000 Group Finals all the way to our $10,000 Gold Champs Final.


  • - June 8 to 22 :
    Four daily satellites will run at 3:15 PM, 6:45 PM, 10:45 PM and 2:45 AM GMT.
    Gold Card 2s thru 8s will be in play and a suit represented each day.
    Each satellite advances the top 20 players to the corresponding suit $5K Group Final.
  • - June 23 & 24 :
    $5,000 Group Finals play.
    Winning players cash in and the top 50 players from each Group Final advance!
  • - June 25 to 28:
    Daily satellites featuring higher Gold Card buy-ins (9's thru Ace) will advance ten players each to the $10,000 Gold Champs Final.
  • - July 1st :
    $10,000 Gold Champs Final


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